My BLOGS (please see prior to following me!)

30-something year old mother of one beautiful autistic six-year-old soul.  I suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Disorder from a lifetime of abuse and traumatic mishaps…sharing my healing journey here in the hopes that my lessons might help another.  That, and I really just like to babble.  🙂  Welcome.

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42 responses to “My BLOGS (please see prior to following me!)”

  1. panicmonster says :

    Im so happy to have found your blog.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    I too have had a series of traumatic experiences through out my life, I live with a severe panic disorder and Im just trying everything in my power to get better for my awesome boys

    PanicMonster xoxo

  2. ReadersHeaven says :

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. oneraisondetre says :

    Thank you, my dear friend. The smiles you share with me help me more than you know. xo
    Don’t be sad. This is me finally starting to heal…celebrate with me instead. 🙂

  4. lige says :

    hi hun
    you are such a brave lady and i admire your strength so much x
    and i am allways here foe you
    your bestest frind
    Lige xx

  5. An Older Woman says :

    I was just sliding through my stats and saw the click from my blog to my site. I was hoping that silly commercial about the kid careening through traffic gave you a laugh. I, too, have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the death of my child, but I am much better now that I’m back to my art. I have no cure-all. I have no answers, really. But I am the poster girl for hanging in there and letting the body and mind have the time to heal and reprogram. Life can be wonderful, but not all the time. This is the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned.

    Having an autistic child must be the most difficult thing. Having a child without a problem in the world is a difficult thing. You sound very much in love with your child. How lucky can he be. I would give anything for my arms around any child now, but it is not to be.

    I’m going to try to keep up with your posts. I am sure I can learn something from your strength. I wish you both a wonderful new year. Patsye

    • Grainne says :

      Thank you for your kind words – you lifted my heart today. I love this:
      “I have no answers, really. But I am the poster girl for hanging in there and letting the body and mind have the time to heal and reprogram. Life can be wonderful, but not all the time. This is the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned.”
      I can see answers in this. Something about the way you say it makes me feel a little more human.

      Thank you Patsye. xx

  6. don juan john says :

    hugs you*
    i never really realized just how much introspection and pain you go through so very often. by the volume and frequency of it, the fact that you can still laugh and smile and feedback positively to whomever is nothing short of inspirational. maybe even miraculous.
    with an attention span that would have ample legroom as a passenger in a micromachine, i read probably half of your entries but i vow to read at least some more of them. i like learning stuff about admirable folk such as yourself.

    k bye

  7. LoneStar (@Lonestar357) says :


    Your epic struggle against this disorder will, eventually – come to an end. Of this, I’ve never been more certain.

    Even with your challenges, you are a beautiful, courageous and brave woman. The disorder hasn’t succeded in removing your beautiful spirit – nor has it diminished your humanity one bit.

    Rather, it shines through – despite having to navigate the sometimes jumbled state of your emotions on a given day.

    Love your beautiful son with every fiber of your being. He deserves no less – and I understand that you instictively *know* this.

    Keep your faith in those who are desperately trying to help alleviate your suffering. It is faith – well placed.

    Your friend.

  8. everydayclimb says :

    Hello. I accidentally found your blog when I searched the word “depression.”
    I’m glad I saw your blog listed because I enjoyed reading here for a while.
    Thank you!

  9. kathryningrid says :

    You really *do* have a raison d’etre, most especially in loving your precious child and teaching everyone you can through this blog about how to rise above the terrible trials of the past and the challenges of the present to live peacefully, beautifully and joyfully.
    I wish you very well!

  10. kittyhere says :

    I like the new look, especially the new header. 2/26/12 — some snow on the ground, fantastic sunshine & 2 happy black cats here in VT. Hope you are having a decent Sunday, if not a great one.

  11. Ruby Tuesday says :

    Though I love so your philosophy on awards, I thought you might be up for a round of tag! Come and see. . . This Time, I’ll Play (Part Two) | I Was Just Thinking. . . 🙂

  12. Siobhan says :

    Grainne, my emails are not going through to you any more – getting the following error “We have limits for how many messages can be sent per hour and per day.” Didnt want you to think I wasn’t replying!

  13. Siobhan says :

    Thank you – I resent it to the new email 😉

  14. Sandy Sue says :

    Just wanted to thank you for visiting my site and leaving a footprint back to you. I look forward to exploring your blogs.

  15. lige says :

    still here x hope you remember me x

  16. Bourbon says :

    Hi there – I love your honesty on this blog, hope you don’t mind if I follow you… Jen

    • Grainne says :

      Thank you so much for the note and the follow. My readers keep me honest so there should be plenty more of that coming. 🙂 It’s not a happy blog most days, but it’s the real battle I face. Pleased to have you along.

  17. tonyburkinshaw says :

    Hi Grainne

    I’ve nominated you for the SUNSHINE AWARD! I really enjoy reading your blog, nice one.

    To accept the award follow the rules at:

    Wishing you all the best

    • Grainne says :

      Thanks very much Tony :). I’m flattered that you thought of me but I like to stay out of the awards.

      All the best to you. I’m enjoying your blog too. 🙂

      • tonyburkinshaw says :

        No problem. I wasn’t sure I wanted to partake either but thought I’d give it a go. I’ll see what happens and whether it’s something I’ll continue to be involved in.
        It’s nice to know I wasn’t just being a bit of a grouch when I was thinking maybe I wouldn’t join in!
        All the best

  18. 81bowman says :

    I have found you again….Thank You!

  19. Karen Beth Courcy says :

    Hi … I just found your blog through another who also writes about therapy and things similar.. its nice to connect with others who also write about the same things… I like your blog and look forward to reading more of your blog ….


  20. pettyswap says :

    I believe I have figured out how to “follow” you ..I’m new on here, so bear with me 🙂

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