The movies and the rest…

As you may have read, the previous months have been spent testing and retesting Colt’s ability to communicate, learn and develop relationships with people.  He’s been ‘scoring’ lower than expected by his dad and I, however, after much talk and tough on the subject, we’re just going to go with the flow and do whatever seems best for him until he decides otherwise.  I’ve been dragging Colt in to conversations he’d rather avoid about autism and how we can best help him.  Luckily, my province just passed a new bill that will offer a LOT of support for autistic kids, anywhere on the spectrum, from age 5 – 18. The services are based on the individual’s needs, not a template cut-out that barely applies to your child most of the time.  I’m applying for everything he’s entitled to, which is still quite a bit and I’m very excited for him, and so many others like him. who only had as much of a chance as their parents could advocate for before now.  We were lucky, as I work inside the medical system, but we still get almost zero support from the government for therapy or any outside help.  Now, he will hopefully get what he needs and more….and just in time for high school too.

So there’s much happiness there.  I no longer care which ‘stream’ they put him in for schooling because he can move between them.  I want him to learn how to manage a bank account and household expenses more than I want someone cramming algebra down his throat that he tolerates but doesn’t understand how to apply to life in any which way.  We meet the school next week so will see what they recommend.

A great milestone for Colt came about on Thursday.  His class went on a trip to a movie theatre complete with a trip to the mall and buying lunch in the food court.  We’ve never taken Colt to see a movie (noise, crowds etc) so we had no idea how it would go.  His teacher and EA had me on standby, just in case he couldn’t tolerate it, but all I got from them was smiles, love and amazing photos of Colt having a BLAST the entire time.  He ordered his own lunch, ate it, chose his own seat, used his headphones for the start when the movie was super loud and then took them off and enjoyed the film with his classmates.  He was SO excited to go and so very proud of his accomplishment afterwards…so were we all.  People from work asked a dozen times how it went and I ended telling so many people, a patient overheard and came in to hug me (complete stranger).  She told me that these were the things in life to cherish.  She is so right, isn’t she?

And to roll this all neatly into one post – my health.  I’ve been fucking exhausted these last few weeks.  I can barely stay awake even on all my meds and, even right now, the words I’m typing are blurring and splitting to double on the screen.  I had to up the pain meds so it’s thrown off the narcolepsy ones….so, now im in a ton of pain and I can barely stay awake.  Bliss.  :S  I just tried to go for a walk to get some photos but I only made it a half block before I was in tears from the pain, so I just came home.

Here’s one from my last round instead:


I’m very sore, very tired and wanting to shut it down for the day so I think I’ll go sleep and see if I wake later.  Likely not though….feels like I’ll crash until tomorrow.  Whatever works at this point is fine by me.


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One response to “The movies and the rest…”

  1. KittyHere says :

    Wonderful that Colt enjoyed the class outing and that you could feel pride it that. Glad that programs will be flexible for him going forward. Testing is tough but has a place. Good luck with the transition.

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