Finally caught the camera shy Jay

I have been running around my house at all hours of the day and night, trying to get a photo of a blue jay couple who live in one of my back trees.  Blue Jays, for those of you who are unfamiliar, are actually kind of nasty birds….they’re the bullies of the bird population around here.  They steal nests, rather than make their own, and there’s forever some kind of scuffle outside in the leaves between a bird, squirrel, or some other tree-dwelling creature and one of these Jays.

I thought they were a mating pair until I saw them together the other day….both have the same bright blue and white markings though.  It’s rare for female birds to have showy feathers here….so maybe they’re using the power in numbers theory to overtake the hard work of other creatures who have made nice, cozy homes for themselves in our trees.    They’re beautiful though and I wanted to get a shot of them starting the day I got my camera in the late winter.  Last weekend we were all leaving the house when Dayne froze on the porch and whisper-yelled for me to get my camera and get the heck over there.  I did, but I had the wrong lens on so I had to juggle lenses around and try not to catch the attention of the beautiful bird sitting on my front lawn.  I finally did get a few shots off, struggling to focus on my subject through my telephoto while trying to hold the camera stead, balancing on the edge of the front porch.  It was nearly a face-plant sort of day for me and my camera but…..after many blurry attempts….I got it.  One of the two, anyway.  Next goal – both jays together.







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