Funny how I was just talking about turkeys…


I never quite got to that second story I wanted to tell.

On Friday morning I got up, grudgingly, and stumbled to the bathroom, already late.  I jumped into the shower and was showering away, scrubbing and washing as usual, when I happened to look through the glass of the shower door (it’s a stand up, full glass shower in that bathroom).  There was a weird reflection I couldn’t quite figure out because it looked as if there was water on the bathroom floor with ripples and drops raining down.  I looked up at the ceiling to make sure it wasn’t leaking and all looked well, so I dismissed it as an odd reflection off the glass and carried on with my shower.  I did glance at the floor suspiciously a few times before I was done but without my glasses I’m almost blind so it’s hard to tell when to believe the things my eyes are telling me in the best of conditions, never mind through a steamy, glass shower door where water is actually falling all around me.  I finished up my shower and turned off the water and, even before I swung the door open I knew.  The reflection was not actually a reflection at all….my entire bathroom was flooded with at least an inch of water.  I called for Dayne and heard him leap out of bed, assuming I’d hurt myself or needed help, and then heard “Splash! Splash! Splash!” as he came running down the hallway.  Apparently the water had reached the bedrooms.

Our hallway is wood and it’s old so the varnish has worn and there are cracks that allow water to seep in, which lifts the wood from the floor.  There was so much water it went from the bedrooms, all the way past both bathrooms and out into the living room.  Some got into the kitchen but there’s a big spacer/cap thingy there to make the transition from wood to laminate not so open.  Of course, the baseboard is big, thick pieces of wood and the house is old enough that there is a decent quarter inch gap between the floor and the baseboard in some places, particularly around the bathroom where the water has obviously flooded before.

In a panic, realizing the scope of what we were facing, Dayne whipped of all his clothes and threw them at the pond in the hallway.  He then reached for the closet where the linens are kept and started grabbing and tossing everything we had just washed onto the floor.  Towels, bedding, blankets….everything.  When all that wasn’t enough, he grabbed the dirty laundry basket and up-ended it, scattering Colton’s dirty socks and our gross, dirty clothes everywhere.  He was hollering for me to come help him so I dashed out of the shower only to find my own towel already in use, and, dripping wet myself, I went to one end of the hallway and Dayne took the other end and we pushed the surface water back towards the bathroom so we could get the wood floor dry and keep as much out of the cracks and baseboard as possible.

At some point, Colt woke up, took one step out of his room, looked at the two of us, butt-naked and trying to push a small lake of water across the hall with an assortment of dirty socks and clean, but sopping wet towels, and turned right back around into his room and closed the door quickly behind him.  I heard him say something like:

“I don’t even want to know….”

And we burst out laughing, breaking the urgency of the moment.  Dayne was very intensely into trying to get that water up. I suggested we use salt along the base to pull the water up (we did and it worked amazingly well) and then kind of stuffed paper towels along the baseboard and into the gaps at the bottom.  By this time I was late for work so I got dressed in whatever seemed to match and took off running only to catch Dayne, out of the corner of my eye, pouring something all over the kitchen floor.  It looked like salt….but it wasn’t salt.  Plus, I didn’t want to kill the cats with sodium scattered everywhere so I stopped to see what he was doing.  We had run out of salt, apparently, so he had switched to sugar.  SUGAR!

“What?  It’ll do the same thing the salt does won’t it?  He asked.

“NO!  No it won’t….it will turn into a sticky, syrupy mess and we will never get it up!”  I explained, not as calmly as I had intended.  Thankfully, he set the sugar down and started with the paper towel again.

When I got home, my kitchen floor felt like a movie theatre but the ominous *squish* sound that happened when you stepped on the first few tiles from the hallway had stopped.  The floors were a tiny bit lifted….you could just see the corners coming up, so we hope they’ll settle back down as they dry.  The salt worked wonders though.  I brushed it out when I got home and it came out in solid chunks, all water absorbed.  The baseboard seems fine and the walls are okay – bathroom floor has never been cleaner and there’s only a little damage to the hallway.   It could have turned out much worse.

I spent a few hours trying to unglue the sticky sugar from my floor this weekend, but then got out for an impulsive photo hunt….got some beauties.  There was a flock of wild turkeys attacking a hawk’s nest and the two hawks were fighting them off.  The ugly turkeys were easily three times their size and twice in number but the hawks won in the end.  I had my telephoto out so got some amazing shots of them in flight.  I had no idea turkeys could fly like that …. so high and riding the currents forever without flapping.  Maybe they were vultures…hard to say from the photos.  I’ve never seen a vulture around here but those turkeys must have pulled their entire neck inside their body because all you can see is an ugly red face peeking out a mass of brown feathers as they glide.  Still, stunningly beautiful in the air.  Such grace those clunky, ugly, carrion eating birds display when they get off the ground.

Some of the shots here for you to see:



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My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

4 responses to “Funny how I was just talking about turkeys…”

  1. This.shaking says :

    Hi, Grainne! (I love your name, BTW – I’ve never seen it before)
    I wonder if the birds are turkey vultures? This piece was in The New York Times this week.

    I’m also impressed by how well you guys handled a crazy morning!
    Cheers! TS

    • Grainne says :

      Oh wow! Yep, that is absolutely the birds I saw. I’ve never seen one here before … just wild turkeys which look like these guys but I have never seen them fly quite like that. Thanks for that link! I’ll have to keep my eye out for more of them but I’ll not get too close lol. The projectile vomiting of half digested rotted animal parts would have been a rather nasty surprise. !!!

  2. Oscar Dandelion says :

    I really like crows. We have them in the fields round here (Norfolk, England). I hope your floors are not too damaged.

    • Grainne says :

      Crows are one my favourites too. Love the depth of their colour. Now and then we get ravens here as well. Just as lovely, twice the size. (I’m across the ocean from you in Canada)

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