Deliciously Lazy Day

Okay, NOW I feel like I’ve had a break from work.  I still won’t allow myself to dwell on that work that is currently not getting done and will be awaiting me upon my return next Monday and it’s working pretty well.  Today, I have done absolutely nothing.  I got up, took meds, got the boy some fresh strawberries for breakfast and then played on my phone and laptop until this moment, and it’s 325 in the afternoon.  I have to get Dayne’s nice pants and shirt ready as he has an interview tonight after work but I have time for that yet.  I think they are all hung up and ready to go so there won’t be much to do but lay them out for him.  (He’ll have about twenty minutes turn around between getting home and getting to his interview.  Might end up having to deliver his clothes to him and waiting for him until his interview is done so he can collect his work truck and get home for the night.  He’s taking Thursday and Friday off so we’ll have a nice long weekend between us.  It’s Colt’s birthday this weekend so we’re planning on enjoying whatever he wants to do with his day.  So far we have been requested to: Decorate the living room for when he wakes up but ONLY the lining room and not too much; out for breakfast to the local joint that makes the best waffles I’ve ever tasted – and now that all the local produce is ready and fresh, they will be spectacular!; A visit to a little park with monster slides and a water/splash pad thing (which  he doesn’t really like much) and a huge bouncy, inflated trampoline (that he adores); Then, back home for dinner, presents and ice cream cake.  As long as I promise not to sing too loud, decorate too much, or get too excited, he’s good to go.  lol…

Colt spent last week diligently creating little paper puppets he’s drawn by hand and cut out of artist sketch paper. There’s a video series he is addicted to on YouTube called “Object Wars” which is a crudely homemade version of “Survivor” with …well…objects.  There’s “Notebook” and “Fridge” and “Can of soda”…..very simple idea, and the viewers vote on who gets eliminated each week as they go through contests and such.  He decided he wanted to make his own, since the next episode was taking too long to come out, and I’m super impressed by his handiwork.  They are really cute, very expressive and their little faces are all unique and convey clear emotions and personalities.  It’s been really cool watching the process of him creating something he’s not only having fun with, but is happy with.  Colt never liked to create things because he could never get them to come out the way he wanted them to.  If it didn’t look like a HD photo of a school bus when he was done with his crayons in Kindergarten, he was done, it got ripped into shreds and was never attempted again.  These days, he’s so patient and careful….creative.  It’s been wonderful to be a part of.

I got an email the other day from a friend at work who is turning 40 in September and he has been struggling with it.  My turn was last year so I’ve had plenty of time to settle into the idea (and I’m actually totally fine with it – quite thankful for the life experience gained so far, in fact) but he remembers me not being so happy with the idea.  He’s been ignoring it all year, the fact that he’s about to hit the big Four-O and now he’s found himself with less than a month to prepare his mind and he’s a bit stressed.  I spoke with him this morning (took up all my socializing tolerance for the day!) and was quick to remind him of all the good parts of being this age.  When you get to think back through all the relationships that have been built and destroyed, jobs you’ve worked and friends you’ve had….I mean, it’s pretty vast by this point.  If you are 40 or above, you’ve likely been to school for many years, met dozens of people who became close and cherished (even if they’re no longer in  your life), have lived through menial and (hopefully) fulfilling employment, possibly several times over.  You’ve maybe been married, had children, been divorced or cheated on or left.  Maybe, you’re still with the one you promised to love until death and there is still so much more to come.  You have been through illness and recovery but have also lost people to illness you never thought you could live without.  You have healed and blamed, and healed again, then understood….maybe forgave or maybe learned that you don’t always have to forgive people for what they have done with or to you. You have discovered how strong and courageous you really are.  You have experience in the world and with life and there is no one to answer to but yourself and your own good judgement.  Maybe you’ve learned that your judgement is shit…lol.  That’s a valuable lesson too.  You have messed up and made mistakes, taken blame you shouldn’t have and denied the parts you knew were yours to carry.  You have also made a difference though and have brought happiness, love, comfort and wonder to some of the people around you.  There are undeniably people out there, somewhere, who will never, ever forget you.  I told him all this and then asked him what he thought the next 40 years would bring…..he told me to shut up and that I should go work for Hallmark writing greeting cards.  lol!  (If he didn’t want to hear it, he shouldn’t have asked!) 😛

Dreams this weekend and last night were … active, to say the least.  I’m now regularly waking up in random rooms of the house after sleep walking around.  Last night Dayne, unable to remember if he locked the front door, flew from the bed and went running past me (I was in the washroom having a legit and fully awake pee) to check. It was locked and he calmed when he saw me, awake in the hallway.  Poor guy nearly broke his neck.

Wow.  Am I ever relaxed today.  I needed this break.  I just sat here for ten minutes and couldn’t come up with a single complaint.  I mean, I have a headache and I’m pretty sore from all this lying around and doing nothing (wah me eh?  lolol)  but that’s not new.  It’s just been a really nice week so far and I’m looking forward to a long weekend with my boys.  (Oh and my house is so clean!!!  I LOVE the house being this clean.  One room per day has been my approach.  Yesterday was my bedroom and just going in there makes me happy!)

I wish I always had this much time to spend on the important things.  Something to take with me back to that office – but I won’t be thinking about that until the weekend comes.  🙂




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My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

3 responses to “Deliciously Lazy Day”

  1. KittyHere says :

    Now that your house is clean want to come do mine? You’d need to stay at least two weeks, and I have someone who comes every other week but some how I see a ton that she never touches.

    Oh you could over decorate, get over excited, and sing super loud for my birthday–we would just have to dispose of my hubby while we acted juvenile.

    Kidding aside enjoy the rest of your time off, happy birthday to Colt, and good luck to Dayne with the interview. ⛱🎈👔

    • Grainne says :

      Haha! Kitty, I would sing so loud your entire neighbourhood would know it was your birthday. Hubby could hang with Colt back at my place and we’d have a slumber party. 🙂

      I keep running into spots of my house that seem to have never been cleaned … It’s like the cats are trying to stash all their unneeded fur for the winter. Under my bed was a surprising nightmare. Lol. I thought Jack (giant black hair ball of a beast) was under there ignoring me but it turned out to be a big kitty tumbleweed of fur. My next stop is either my linen closet or fridge. Leaning toward the closet. Lol. Xoxox

      • KittyHere says :

        I agree that each cat sheds enough to create a whole new cat. The old vet I took Zoe to asked if I wanted the fur they combed out of her the first time she went in. He told me on of his clients had Sheltties and spun their shedding stop knit sweaters. Little too much work for me, but boy I miss that vet, he was the best.

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