The Sleep Study

If I already wrote and posted this, forgive me.  I can’t quite get my head straight today.  So tired.  *Yawns*

I think I’ve written that I finally got myself a sleep study date?  I gave up calling and calling the respirologist’s office (the secretary wasn’t answering for me – I knew she was there but she didn’t pick up or even open her email.  Grrrr).  I eventually, near my last day of work before Christmas, just called the sleep clinic itself, knowing it would be them who made the actual appointment when it finally happened.  We played phone tag for a few hours but when we connected the woman on the other end was so compassionate and understanding she almost made up for the bullshit of having to chase these docs around for a  year.

The reason for this particular delay in scheduling was that it was a complex study she was trying to book me in for that would take over a full day.  She needed to have techs and the fellow I saw available not only for an overnight study, but also for a full day following.  They will be admitting me at 8 pm one evening in March (the earliest time that would work at all) and I’ll be hooked up for a regular overnight study where they monitor my vitals with electrodes and watch my brain as I move through sleep stages…or don’t move through, depending on what’s going on.  They will be waking me early in the morning but I’m not going home at that point…I have to stay for a full day following and they are going to have me nap throughout so they can monitor my o2 sat and sleep cycles through the day while I have that blasted sleepiness crawling all over me.  No meds, of course, so it will be just sleepy me.  The clerk told me to bring a laptop and some books…things to do so I’m not just sitting there for my awake periods.  I laughed and told her I could likely sleep straight through if they wanted but she didn’t laugh back.

“Oh my.  That must be horrible…feeling like that all the time.” she said.

I nearly burst into tears.  lol…*sigh*  It’s nice to be understood for once.

So, they will be waking me during my daytime naps at different points to monitor my physical reactions.  They want to get me in REM as many times as they can but I don’t think they realize that I’m almost constantly dreaming.  It should be interesting for them, at the very least.

Looking into it more, it seems that this type of study is done more for suspect narcolepsy or other underlying conditions, as they can pinpoint sleep apnea pretty quickly on a regular overnight study.  I suppose that if I’m obviously suffering from that they will just discharge me in the morning…

I’m happy about this.  They are taking this very seriously, I think.  I’ve looked back through the sleep study records that are publicly accessible (I can’t look into anything using work or my connections there as it’s a breach of privacy and totally not allowed) and I think they only do about 5-10 of these per year.  We are a huge organization…two massive teaching hospitals connected to a very well respected medical school, three rehab homes including a vet centre and two long term care facilities, a regional cancer center and a children’s hospital that is rivaled only by Sick Kids in Toronto (where I started my premature life!).  That they only do so few per year means they’re taking me very seriously indeed.

So yay for that.  Maybe 2016 will hold some answers for me and I can get back to a more normal life?  Fingers Crossed.


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My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

2 responses to “The Sleep Study”

  1. KittyHere says :

    This is very good news. It makes a world of difference to have people really care like the woman who booked your study. And I recall you really liked the fellow you met with so continuing with him sounds fantastic too. So happy they are going for the longer complex study as your case strikes me as needing it.

    May we both get to a place where we feel better in 2016.

  2. Birdie says :

    It is about bloody time someone took this whole thing seriously. An UN-kudos to your regular family doctor that seems to be to blame for having to wait this long.

    Here is hoping January and February pass quickly. Well, for you, I want them to go slowly because I will be off work recovering from my hysterectomy. 😉

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