A little more Karma

Another chapter to add to the ex-landlord story.  Did I tell you guys about the ticket they got for trying to haul the building scraps to the dump without tying anything down in the back of their pickup truck?  That was a hoot….I drove by them right as the cop was writing the ticket and made dead-on eye contact with them.  It was like karma was giving us a personal gift.

The new info – so, they’ve been trying to keep the house standing since the “One month” renovation started in June 1st (four months plus and counting).  They have tried to fix it on the cheap, failed, tried again, failed, and in the end after buying new windows three times, wood to frame twice, scaffolding etc etc etc, they eventually caved and hired a contractor to come in and fix the place.  Over the last month or so things have been looking much better for them.  The house was becoming square….it looked like the contractor was actually fixing the rotting foundation, the frame was rebuilt, the roof re-patched, the insulation replaced and the insulation was installed properly and adequately, unlike what we had to live with for all those years we rented from them.  The house stopped sagging and they took the entire back room (I used to practically live in that room) off the house, (including the bathroom with the collapsing floor and holes in the outer walls that lead directly outside…brrrrr) and rebuilt it.  It must have cost them a fortune…they would have been smarter to just tear it down and rebuilt but they wanted to reno without getting proper permits and without inspections.  Didn’t work out so well for them.

They still need to rebuild the well, the septic tank and replace all the wiring and heating in the house (the front gas fire place was the only heat source but the fan that blew the warm air around broke years ago.  They refused to get it fixed, saying that if we wanted more heat we could use the back gas heater, which was broken and cost so much money to run we ended up with an $600 gas bill one month a few winters ago.  Then we got the $500 hydro bill….)  There was still lots of money to be spent yet, I knew.  I’d feel sorry for them if they hadn’t been such assholes.

Now that all this work was nearing completion and the exterior and frame of the house seemed back in shape I’m sure they were relieved.  All the cosmetic work, I’m sure, would be done by them at their own pace so the larger debts would stop collecting.  Then…oh then….we had a pretty bad wind storm a week or so ago.  Let me back up a bit to give you the info necessary to understand why this next bit of karma applies oh-so-well.

Outside the old rental house there were many trees but two, in particular, were always of concern to me.  One was a tree that had berries the wild turkeys LOVED to eat and they tended to stay attached to the branches well into the winter when the birds were hungry.  I would come out of my house often to find a gigantic turkey precariously perched on the lower limbs they could get up to.  Those buggers are not tiny little birds so their weight on the half dead, frozen tree never looked like a good thing.  The two trees directly beside the house were infested with some kind of beetle, tent caterpillars in the fall and a strange bright green fungus that seemed to burn the leaves late summer, somehow.  The limbs were not strong and parts of the trees started to die off about three years back.  One of the biggest limbs that was nearly dead happened to be hanging directly over the hydro line that was sloppily slung over to our house…it should have been underground but the landlords wouldn’t pay for that (surprise surprise).  The other main hydro line was strung from the generator over the top of the privacy fence between our two houses and was looped around a limb on the second tree, which was also nearly dead.  I’m sure you can see where this is going.  One night, the winds kicked and, you guessed it, the branch closest to the rental house came down and took the line with it.  It got hung up and looks like it swung a bit, smashing into the house and through the window that would have been directly above my head in what used to be my bedroom.  It looks like it damaged the roof and the entire corner of the upper floor along with the window and it took the hydro line right out.  They’re lucky it didn’t set the house on fire.  Then, because the two hydro lines and trees are close enough together that everything intertwines, the second tree limb on the second tree that was never maintained came down too.  It pulled the hydro line that connected to the safety light right out and destroyed the privacy fence.  As I drove by for a couple of days I watched them try to fix it all on their own (get the tree limbs untangled from the wires) but it didn’t look to be going well.  I assumed they had turned the power off, of course, but then, on Friday as I drove by one of the two limbs was burnt to a crisp…..unless they tried to burn it down I would imagine the lines were still carrying electricity?  (Okay, there’s being cheap and then there’s being freaking stupid!).  On the weekend there were proper Hydro trucks there fixing things up….I can’t even imagine how much that must have cost them.

My car would have been demolished had that happened when I was living there, as my parking spot was directly under one of those trees (I used to have to hose the turkey poop off my car, often) and, worse yet, had I been in bed in my bedroom I would have had a nasty surprise as the limb smashed through my window carrying a live hydro line along for the ride.

This house is not happy with them.  They didn’t take care of it and now they’re paying the price wow, the karma is heavy for this one.  Their families are making fun of them constantly for being so stupid…they spend so much money on building chicken coops that they never used, a brand new three level deck for the hunting lodge they never use, a new paddock for the horses they never attend to…..but wouldn’t spend a dime on the rental.  Now…well, they’re spending dimes alright.  My best guess is, at the absolute least, they’ve put in 50K so far and that’s assuming their insurance will cover the tree damage and hydro costs.  Looks like they still have a long way to go on that dumpy little house.  Ha.  Live and learn right?

After seeing all that we went home, my little family and I, to our nice, warm, well maintained home.  Our landlord came by to see if we wanted him to put in a new fence now that the house beside us has been sold and the new owners have dogs.  Our landlord knows Colt is afraid of dogs and is willing to accommodate that for us.  The old landlords used to let their dogs out when Colt was outside so he would go back in.

Living better.  Being the person who takes care of obligations and treats others with respect and dignity is the way to go, always.  Not a new lesson to me but one I’ve come to appreciate so much more in the last few years of life.

*Side note* Meds are freaking wonderful.  I feel better than I have in years.  Will write more on that after I get some work done here in the office.

Happy day everyone!  Much love.  xx



About Grainne

My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

2 responses to “A little more Karma”

  1. Birdie says :

    I wonder how many times they have wished that you and your family were in there paying rent? HA!

  2. The Sound of Ed's Voice says :

    Man. This makes me happy. We are always lucky to be able to live to see the day when someone gets theirs. And you are seeing them get theirs!!

    So glad the mess are working and we FINALLY have a possible solution for you!!!

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