Lady Karma is a b*tch

So. Lol…I have been quietly watching my ex landlords struggle with my ex house as it falls down faster then they can shore it up.

Quick recap for those of you who aren’t familiar with the story:  Dayne, Colt and I rented a house in the country about 8 years ago.  The place was a dump but it was cheap and the property was gorgeous. It was a 30 acre tree farm and the owners maintained it meticulously.  The draw backs included the landlords living in a separate house on the property and the wife was a right bitch who stuck her nose into every aspect of our business the entire time we stayed.

The house itself was falling apart. It was a cottage in form with no basement, no furnace (gas fireplace heated the entire thing with no vents to move the heat), no proper water line (regular garden hose siphoned off he landlords main line) and very little insulation. Most walls were siding, wood frame, fake wood paneling … That was it outside to inside. It had no foundation aside from a foot thick concrete pad that was cracking everywhere and the electrical system was so antiquated the glass fuses weren’t available anymore. The cupboards were open to the siding. A tiny bit of rust left a hole under the kitchen sink and when you opened the shitty formica door you could see the back yard. The bathroom floor was rotting away and there was a squishy spot between the toilet and tub that no one dared stand on. The roof leaked constantly and after years of complaining they finally fixed it by hiring some kids to single over top the leaking room. So much water was in the walls it constantly smelled like mildew and mold.

They asked us to leave in May because their spoiled brat daughter wanted to live there with her boyfriend. They gave us two months notice. We cleaned the place as well as we could and even repainted for them along with cleaning the carpets that were never cleaned for us when we moved in, but, that’s the kind of people we are. Didn’t want to bring on any bad karma by being neglectful tenants.

They had planned a month long turnaround for their daughter, planning on replacing the rotting window frames and broken windows and installing new flooring so her hydro bills wouldn’t be as ridiculously high as ours were. They never cared about the place while we lived there. They even renovated their own place, barn, garage and hunting lodge before fixing our roof.  As soon as we were out they started by removing the windows and rotting frames but somehow failed to realize that the frames were load bearing and the only thing aside from the outer siding that was holding up the second floor. Two days after installation I drove by and saw the wood and windows had all broken and cracked. The house was also leaning forward at a rather bad angle. After messing around with scaffolding and plywood for weeks it looked like they had started reframing the whole place, bit by bit but then the scaffolding fell one day in a storm and ripped most of the roof off on that side of the house. Weeks passed again and he started on the other side but, the septic tank has been leaking and flooding back there for years (we told them about that too but they didn’t care that our toilet wouldn’t flush). The foundation was all eroded on that side of the house so when he started tearing down the siding…. Lol…yup; the house shifted backwards and began a side lean that looked as if a bad storm would be able to blow the whole thing down. Things kept going that way for months.

Last week, after the house had been sitting wide open to the elements for ages, I drove by and saw a contractors truck beside the house. They *hated* spending money on things like that so I knew it had to be pretty bad for them to call in someone they’d have to pay. So, we moved in June and they planned for their daughter to move in on July 1st. It’s now September and the work is really just starting. Not to mention the water heater, gas line, back gas heater and gas fireplace all need replacing. Not sure if they’ve figured that out yet. The septic tank needs redone completely and the water line is also needing replacement since it’s just a hose buried a few inches below the grass. Used to freeze all the time in winter.

But, this isn’t even the best part.

Today, I drove out to the woods near me to enjoy the cool fall weather and get some photos. I saw a cop up ahead but wasn’t speeding so didn’t pay him much mind. As I approached the old house, I saw the cops lights go on and a truck pull over to the side. I slowed right down as per traffic law and gave a wide berth so I didn’t endanger the officer and had plenty of time to see the pulled over vehicle had a huge load of loose building materials all covered in mold and mildew, broken up and lying loose in the bed of the pickup.

“Oh no wonder they’re getting pulled over! Nothing is tied down or secure in any way.” I said to Dayne in the passenger seat beside me. “Glad we weren’t driving behind them…..” I trailed off there as I realized I recognized the driver of the truck.

“Oh my god that’s *spoiled brat daughter of our ex landlords*!” Dayne said.

“And *landlord*!” I added as we both made eye contact with them as they passed.

The landlord dropped my gaze immediately and stared at the ground as we passed, face burning red. The daughter locked eyes with Dayne and her expression was a mix of surprise, embarrassment and resignation.  How we managed to drive by at the exact moment they were pulled over and fined with his pick up filled to overflowing with broken, moldy, disgusting crap they had pulled out of the shit hole they charged is to live in for years can be nothing but karma.

So that was pretty sweet. Not only did they lose a grand a month in rental income, they  had to pick up an extra set of utilities and when they tried to slap dash the house into better shape because they totally neglected it for years, the thing nearly fell down on them. After spending thousands on materials they eventually were forced into paying someone else to do the work and while being cheap and trying to dispose of the waste themselves (rather than renting a construction bin) they were caught only feet from the house and were ticketed by a provincial cop.

That place is costing them a small fortune and I can’t help but smile at the memory of us struggling to maintain that piece of crap cottage to make a decent home for Colt while they ignored our complaints and requests for repairs and referred to us their friends by saying “oh they are just our renters. Ignore them…you can park in their spots and sure, your kid can play in their backyard any time they like.”

Yep. Now that your renters are gone, hope you enjoy the place!  It has been super fun watching your cheap arses shell out handfuls of cash repairing the things you didn’t care about when we lived there.

I love it when people get what they deserve.


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My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

5 responses to “Lady Karma is a b*tch”

  1. Birdie says :

    I love this. It sounds like they need to tear the old thing down and start over. Sometimes vindication is sweet.

  2. The Sound of Ed's Voice says :

    I secretly hate you because I was just saying how I wish I could see someone I know get the karma they deserve.

    And creepy since I just heard a funny karma joke yesterday!!!

  3. Violet says :

    I can’t understand how they could rent out a house in CANADA without a proper furnace. Surely that was illegal. Birdie’s right, it sounds like they need to tear it down and start from the bottom.

    I hope you’re fully enjoying your new place with proper flushing toilets, heat, non-squishy floors, and walls that don’t let you see through to the backyard. You must feel like you’re living in a palace!

    • Grainne says :

      Hi Violet! Yes it does, actually. We still find ourselves just grinning as we look around the room and one of the three of us will often say “I love our new house!”

      This weekend was cool out and it was glorious to see how warm it was inside after cooking all afternoon (Dayne, I mean…lol). It’s going to be a nice, warm winter for us, I think.

      And yes, it wasn’t a legal rental. It was cheap though and put us in the school district we wanted to be in. We never intended on staying so long but you know how life goes.

      How is your boy doing? I think of you guys all the time. (hugs)

  4. littlegirlintherain says :

    I know that you were anxious and stressed out with the move and whatnot and I remember reading posts where you seemed really upset that they’d make you leave, but I hope after this incident you feel better about the whole thing! I was vividly imagining the house and the cop scene and couldn’t help but smile when things finally went the right way and you got to see him and her in that situation! It’s not right to enjoy other people’s misery but I think considering what they put you through as paying tenants, I’d be freaking ecstatic to see them suffer for a change! Ha!

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