Tons of sleep and different dreams

Another marathon sleep last night.  It was much more refreshing than the last one, although the dreams were still raging in my mind.  One was so odd, I just have to share it.

I dreamed I was working at a hospital in town, brand new.  I had no idea how to get there so I asked one of my coworkers to meet up with me and show me the way.  We took a city bus to a particular stop and then waited for the #18 bus that would take us right to the hospital.  I mapped it out in my head and the next shift, the following day, I was ready to try it out on my own.  I was going to meet my coworker at the stop for #18 but, on my way to the first bus stop, he called my phone and told me he had slept in and missed breakfast.  He said he’d be right behind me but to go on without him.

I hopped aboard the first bus, got my transfer and recognized the stop I needed to get off at.  I stood next to the #18 sign and waited…and waited and waited.  The damn bus was late.  I tried to text my new boss to let her know and other people started to gather at the stop, stomping feet and muttering about the lateness of the bus.  People started to walk to the next stop so I decided to follow, not knowing what else to do.  We walked a while, in a group, and then they all veered off to the right into a complex with a security gate up front.  I lined up behind them and watched as each person flashed an ID badge at the guard as they went by.  I pulled out my word ID and showed him that…he didn’t bat an eye and let me through with the rest of them.

We all walked into an industrial style warehouse that was impeccably clean and free of dust.  I noticed that the concrete floors were buffed to a shine.  There was a booth set up that had two friendly women at the window who handed out uniforms and smiles and everyone seemed in a great mood.  I quite liked it there and quickly forgot about the other job I was supposed to be going to, getting into the fun atmosphere of the place I now found myself.  I got myself a uniform which turned out to be a jumpsuit that was worn over your clothes.  I pulled it on, removed my shoes as directed and walked out into the middle of the warehouse where people seemed to be gathering.  There were mental machines spaced about 3 feet apart, in rows from the middle to the back of the area.  Each one had a worker manning it so I walked up to one who didn’t have anyone in his line.

“Uh, hi there,”  I said.  “This is my first day and I’m not sure what to do…can you help me?”

He smiled at me.  “This is my first day too so don’t worry about it.  We’ll learn together.”

He gestured for me to get into the machine.  I walked around to the side of it and tried to figure it out.  It was a strong frame made of metal that was welded together at each joint and then capped with some kind of clear plastic.  It had metal bars that extended from end to end over and under a cradle that looked like it would support me lying down, facing the worker who stood behind a round structure also made of metal.   It wasn’t immediately obvious how I was supposed to get into the thing.

“Just step inside the frame and lay down on your belly right here,” he pointed to the cradle.  “It will hold your weight and then, when you’re comfortable, you can stretch your legs back and put your feet into these braces.  You’ll be able to feel it once you find your centre of gravity in the machine.”

Awkwardly, I fumbled about, trying to find a place for my arms and legs while lying face-down on the contraption.  One I got here, the worker helped guide my feet into the braces which closed around my ankles with gentle pressure.

“Okay, now you just need to relax and I’ll start the process for you.”  He said, not sounding quite as confident as I would have liked.

The machine suddenly came to life and began to lift me, feet first, until I was on an angle that made me feel like I was about to fall forward and out of the cradle.  I pulled my body back but the motion aborted the movement of the machine.

“No no no, don’t pull yourself back or it won’t work.  You have to be relaxed and trust that you won’t fall out.  Okay?”

“Uhh okay..” I said, not sure of what it was I was agreeing to.

I did as he said the next time the machine began to pick my feet up and when I got the point where I felt like I might slip out, leathery straps I hadn’t seen before then appeared across my collarbone and shoulders, holding me in place.  I lay there, suspended with my feet about two feet above my head, pointing directly into the circle of metal at the front end of the machine.  I could tell that something wasn’t going quite as expected when my operator vanished for a moment and returned with a senior operator to help.

“Her arms are in the wrong place.”  the senior said as he grabbed my arms and showed me how to hold them straight out front.  “Pretend you’re about to dive into that circle you see in front of you.”

I understood and did as he asked.

“Okay, now we’re ready!” someone said and a button was pressed that made the entire machine start to vibrate.  I looked at the circle in front of me and there seemed to be static fuzzing in the open space, not unlike an old television set tuned to a channel of nothing but white noise.  My fingertips were inches away from it and I could feel it tickle my skin.

“Have a great day!  We’ll see you when your shift is up!” the operator said and then I felt like I was being squeezed through a syringe and was shot out into an entirely different place.

I closed my eyes for a moment, letting the floating feeling of silence fill me, and when I opened them I was shocked and amazed.  I seemed to be in a different world.  There was grass everywhere I looked, at my entry point, and rolling hills…flowers and trees.  It was so quiet and peaceful but everything looked a little odd…something was slightly off-centre.  I bend down to touch the grass and discovered what it was…everything here looked like pixels, built of tiny squares of different colours.  The blades of grass were made of tiny pixels in a dozen shades of green and yellow, the trees were the same; they only looked normal from a distance.  It was like being in a world made of tiny Lego.

I started to explore, amazed to find I could fly between landscapes with a flicker of thought, and explored mountains and forests and even little towns with people living in them.  I went into a village and knocked on a few doors but no one would answer.  I went inside one hut to find the occupants seated around the dinner table, frozen in a tableau.  The people here weren’t real like I was…things started to feel like a video game.

I looked in a mirror I found in one of the tiny huts and was astounded to find I was camouflaged.  I was me but made up of the colours in the space surrounding me so I blended perfectly into the back ground.  I went outside and as I stepped onto the grass I watched my foot and leg change to green and blend immediately away.  My role there became more clear.  The workers, like me, were there to guide the customers through their experience….to alter things and make the time more enjoyable or entertaining for them.  I hadn’t seen any customers yet but when I went back to the place I started, I could see a digital clock way up in the sky that was counting down the minutes until we opened for business.

“Well this is a pretty cool job….” I whispered to myself but my voice turned to the sound of song birds,  the notes carried away on the soundless wind.


I woke up here, to my alarm.  I rather hope this one continues in future dreams as the themes often do.  It reminded me very much of when I worked for a theme park in real life in my teens.  It was a summer job and it was so much fun.  The money wasn’t great but the experience was rich.  I got to work with dolphins and sea lions in aquarium shows and was a walk-about character for a year.  Some great memories there, for sure.  Part of this time was when I was homeless and I would sleep on the picnic tables backstage until the park closed and I had to leave, but it gave me a safe place to be most of the time and the food was cheap for employees.  I really enjoyed that time of my life.  Maybe this dream is just a strangely contrived throw-back to that.

In other news, the new landlord has offered to let us start moving our stuff into the garage this weekend which is a whole week early. So happy about that.  I’ll be able to get piles of stuff out of the current place so we can finally clean the damn carpets and get the hell out of there.  The countdown is on…..  Soon, I will be enjoying the sun on my deck with a cup of tea (or wine) and won’t have to worry about packing, moving or invasive bitchy landlady’s ruining my day anymore.  Sounds like a dream come true.  🙂



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