Ha! Colt got himself a snow day today!! Today was his first day back to school and after much apprehension he readied himself, focusing on trying not to get too frustrated on his first day back in the land of having to do things he doesn’t want to do. Then, *bing* a text came through cancelling all the buses in our area. Happy day for Colt! He’s at the sitter playing all day with his friends and is deliriously happy. Stress free for one more day. I’ll take what I can get.

Work is overwhelming. The stuff is just piled up all around me and although I’m rested and much better focused than I was, I find myself already reaching for the weekend. It’s been nice having everyone around again though. One coworker has a new grand baby, one gave birth to her first child, a few loved ones passed on….life goes on as usual. Well, mostly, anyway.

I feel weird posting this from work, knowing that Sara won’t be reading it. On my way in today I was talking to my mom in my head, asking her to watch over Dayne and keep him safe on the terrible winter roads out there today. I asked Sara if she would look in on Colt and see if she could help him stay calm and happy. Tears turned my make up into a streaky mess…so much for doing my face this morning eh? Funnily enough, it was just after that little request when the buses were cancelled. Lol…thanks Sara! Colt is, indeed, having a stress free, happy day. (Hugs the air where Sara once was).

My pain levels are low right now thanks to the excessive sleep I’ve had over the last week or so. I was able to give my body a break and it helped. Tomorrow morning I have a doctor’s appointment to review the blood work from before Christmas and to talk about meds. I’m hopeful things go well or that something came up in my blood…although I’m not counting on it. The drop in pain is more than enough to keep me going, although it’s only 10 am so far. Heh. Will try not to burn myself out again in week one.

Inside, I’m hanging in there. The dreams are more distant than they were thanks to the forced focus that comes with work. Work….shoot…a friend of mine is now on layoff…must send her a note to let her know I’m thinking of her. This friend of mine send me a photo last week of her relaxing on the couch with her (awesome) pup. She has the most beautiful dog and something about that cuddle made me feel warm and comforted. It was like I got to join them on the couch… Warm. It meant a lot to me and I’m hanging onto it…when I start to panic, I reach for my phone and try to feel myself there with my friend.

Right. Back at it. I have more to do this week than possible in the time I have. Ahhh stress. The best way to avoid your own thoughts. Mike taught me that. It’s a handy tool to have.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week. Happy New Year to everyone.


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