A good day and some new ink

Finally Friday. I had Monday and Tuesday off so it was a super short week but wow, does this ever feel like the opposite. I guess that’s how it work though huh?

It’s snowing here today. That’s all I have to say about that. Only what? 7 months until spring? *sigh*

So Tuesday was a great day. The weather was warm and sunny and I took a nice long drive to a neighbouring town to visit my dearest friend Tiffany (angel, tattoo artist, dearest soul on earth). We had an awesome visit filled with laughs and hugs…I love that girl to no end. She is so beautiful too…long, long blonde dreads, crisp blue eyes and such a beautiful smile…the whole room lights up when she does. Of course, while I was there I got a little more ink. It’s become part of the tradition now, for my annual trip to see her, in fact, we were naming each visit by tat across my body at one point…it’s like I carry my relationship with her on my skin. I kinda love that, in truth.

The greatest part about getting work done is that it’s my own personal form of allowable self-harm. I get to put myself in a lot of pain, force myself through it and, in the end I get this beautiful scar as a reminder of my courage. Its a small thing, in the grand scheme of life, but it means something to me. At first, the ink was a reclaiming, of sorts, of my own skin, but now it’s more of a trophy or a road map…shows where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. I really like that about it too. But the pain…exquisite and sharp….the kind you can’t get away from, like the pain I feel in my bones every moment of every day. It’s like I’m able to pinpoint it…drive it all from my body into the tiny bit of flesh that the needle is piercing over and over as is pushes the ink under my skin. (I gave myself goosebumps writing that. I’m not sure that’s normal …. lololol Surprise Surprise). In the end, the design is magnificent, as always. I’ll post a healed pic here if you guys want to see it. I like to pick the most painful body parts to tattoo so this one is around my ankle an down to the top of my foot. Let me tell you, if you don’t like pain, avoid tattooing your ankle bones. Wowza. I was contorted on the table silently screaming by the time she was almost done.

Oh…a cool kind of thing. Dayne came with and got a little work done too (sexiest tattoo ever. This man is good looking from head to toe to start with but with a little sexy ink? Holy hannah I can barely look at him without my knees starting to shake) but mine was going to take longer than we had to get back to pick Colt up from the sitter after school. So, this man of mine, drove all the way back to home (over an hour drive) and got the boy then turned tail and came back to get me. I was in the last five minutes when they arrived and, of course, I tried to shield Colt from the pain, but he surprised me, again.

“Hi mom! It looks like that is really sore… ” he worried.

“It is baby, but it’s not that bad and I’m so happy I was brave enough to do it! Look at my new tattoo!”

Tiffany stopped working and let him come right up close to see. I don’t bleed at all during tats so it wasn’t messy, just ink smeared a bit and red. She showed him the gun, how she keeps it clean and covered in disposable baggies to ensure safety for her clients, and then she showed him how she mixes her ink in little pots…he was fascinated. She started working again and it was so tender I was hard pressed to keep still. Tiff was soothing (she’s so good at what she does) and kept telling me I was doing an amazing job; was almost there; was doing so great….Colt started to support me along with her.

“Come on mom! You can do this! Deep breaths and it will be over soon my brave mom!”

I love that kid so much. I thanked him and took his hand when he offered it in support. It was just amazing. I mean, I felt a bit odd showing a ten year old the world of tattoos but, Tiff is a close friend, he knows her fairly well (and likes her) and the shop is not your typical tattoo place. There are cabinets of body jewelry and stuff but the tattoo area is clean, tastefully decorated, and very innocuous. There aren’t skulls dripping blood on the walls, in other words. She was honest with Colt and I was too….I’m finding that much better for him…communication works so much better when you’re dead straight and honest with him. (Well, of course, but when your child doesn’t seem to grasp a simple concept you do tend to try to reword it in a way they can digest. Sometimes “It’s a gun with needles that go into the skin to put the ink there. That’s how you make a tattoo” works better than anything else. Plus, he felt super cool, getting to see that stuff. I heard him telling his friends at the sitters about it. lol..yay Colt. I’m glad I could share that experience with him in that limited way.

So, I’m healing up but every time it stings (and it happens a lot lol!) I remember Tiff and the gentle way she talked to Colt; Dayne and his sexy as anything body with it’s tasteful ink; a gorgeous day with blue skies in November; my new car, sunroof open, sailing down the highway in perfect sync with the world. It was a damn good day. I needed that.

Sadly, I don’t really have anything else in life that makes me feel that way. I’m running out of skin though…lol. Going to have to start getting creative for future visits. haha…

Okay. Onto Friday kids. Hope you all have a decent one. I’m running on three hours sleep and I have to hammer payroll in before 10 this morning. *Yawnnnns* Ciao for now. x


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My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

3 responses to “A good day and some new ink”

  1. stunnedandstunted says :

    Oh my gosh when Colt said, “Come on mom! You can do this! Deep breaths and it will be over soon my brave mom!” I got really teary. It was so sweet.

  2. ambivalencegirl says :

    You didn’t post a picture. LoL that’s okay. I can’t wait to get some new work done. I have 3 that I have to get…just waiting though, not sure why. The next will be #9 I think. I usually get more than one at a time.
    Hope this week is as good as last.

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