Pack-rat family and what made me smile all weekend long!

I am not a materialistic person. I think it started pretty much from day one because I never really had anything of my own to get attached to…well, plus the whole attachment disorder deal. I didn’t really realize, until recently, that the disorder could affect my attachment to things as well as people. Of course it would apply though… So, thanks to that and other life circumstances, I am the opposite of a pack-rat. I used to hoard clothes from second hand stores … would come home with bags and bags of used clothing that I almost never wore. Of course, I was stick-thin then and just about anything fit me provided it was size small. I think that was just the novelty of having a lot to choose from, back then. Thinking back it wasn’t too long after I got off the streets that I started with the over buying of cheap clothing so it was the bag-lady affect, likely. When you don’t have much you tend to cling to what you can right? But back to the opposite of hoarding; I am one who will throw something away the moment no one is looking, if I don’t think we need it. I almost always have something in my trunk to drop off at a used clothing bin or charity establishment and when I don’t I start to panic a little, thinking about stuff clogging up my space at home.

Dayne is a pack-rat supreme. So is Colt. The two of them collect the weirdest things, just to have them. Dayne collects bits of computers, tools, fastening devices, keys, bottles, cords, cables and junk. Colt has bits of plastic, broken toys, cars missing wheels, lego bits and puzzles that belong to sets long since merged in with the rest of his pile, never to be together again. If there is a bin, bucket, canvas bag, or Tupperware container somewhere in my house, it will soon be filled to the brim with little bits of junk treasured by my men. I’ll put a dish on the microwave to collect Dayne’s pocket fulls of bits and within two days it’s full to overflowing. He keeps grocery receipts along with business cards, little metal fasteners and zip ties, lighters, McDonald monopoly tabs… name it and you can likely find it on top of my microwave. I’ll spend a weekend reorganizing all of Colt’s toys, legos, games (and game pieces scattered throughout), transformers (with their heads, limbs and accouterments missing randomly), cars….everything. I’ll sort them all in bins so he can find what he’s looking for and within three days it’s all undone. Any bins I’ve emptied for future use will be full of junk, paper, instruction booklets that belong to nothing, DVD covers, books with missing pages …just an endless supply of ‘stuff’.

Colt is a kid so I forgive him for his mess but Dayne….he gets a bit of attitude from me over the piles of junk he can’t seem to help collecting; especially when the mass starts to accumulate in common areas like the corner of the living room. He will put a box down, planning to sort his tools and put stuff away, but it never goes anywhere and soon becomes a repository for more things until we have a tower of boxes in the corner that never stops growing. It doesn’t stop at small things either….with Dayne, it can be anything. Once he brought home a giant tube style television that was so heavy he needed help putting in the back of his truck. When it got home I had to help him haul it into the house but we couldn’t get it through the doorways to any room other than our tiny kitchen. There the damn thing lived for over a year, for a while in the middle of the floor, then under the kitchen table we couldn’t get to because of all the junk. Eventually, I complained enough to get him motivated to move it, with my help again, from the kitchen to the dump. We had to pay a $50 disposal fee because of the tube…..god, these stories could go on forever….I think you get the point though. I hate clutter, mess, crap, junk and unneeded furniture taking up the little space I have and I strive to move it out of my house as fast as it comes in and faster, when possible.

(Wow that was a long lead up. I didn’t realize how much that annoys me. lol)

SO! Now for my story that explains why I just detailed all that info: I got a new car on the weekend. Every time I’ve bought a car, in my entire life, it’s been a great thing that I’ve welcomed with sincere thankfulness for being able to afford it but I’ve never cared what I drove. It could be a beat up truck, like the vehicle I’ve been driving since my Vibe died (*cries*). It’s rusty, old, the tail gate won’t move and the brakes are questionable, even though the pads are new. My vibe, although well loved, was falling apart too. Just about everything was falling off it, doors, mirrors, door handles, antenna, the trunk latch, gas cover…lol…she was crumbling to dust. I never minded though….it always started for me and was safe to drive and that’s all I cared about. When we started looking for a new vehicle to replace the Vibe I kept telling Dayne that I didn’t care what I drove, just to grab something cheap and working.

On Wednesday of last week Dayne sent me a photo of a car he was looking at. It was lovely, had a nice front end, looked nice and clean and it was only six years old. It was one we would need a loan for….for the first time since we’ve been together, Dayne went to a dealership rather than a shifty used car place, and applied flat out for financing. Apparently, all the hard work we’ve put into fixing our credit (thanks to a couple of poorly chosen ex partners on both of our behalves) is starting to pay off. Dayne has been relentless about not wasting money for ten years and I’ve followed his lead. Mostly, it was because being in debt and struggling to pay bills stresses me out so much I can barely manage it and he didn’t mind being in control of the payments and now, we not only qualify for a bank loan, we got a discounted financing rate….and I got my new car.

She is amazing. I have never had the pleasure of driving something so responsive, powerful, and fully loaded. It feels like a rental car and all weekend I kept waiting someone to take it away from me. It does everything I’ve ever wanted a car to do….power everything, sunroof, plug and play on my iphone so music and phone calls go through my stereo speakers (that almost made me cry, I was so excited when I found out!). It drives so nicely it feels like a luxury vehicle! The lightest pressure from my foot gets a response when braking and accelerating (holy smokes can this car accelerate) and the steering is so fine tuned I barely have to move the wheel unless I’m turning. I could go on forever about this too ! It’s a really beautiful, classy looking, powerful, full performance car and I feel so lucky to be able to drive it…much, much safer than my last one too. For the first time in my life, I’m a little bit (a lot) in love with my vehicle. Now I want to drive somewhere far away just for the fun of being behind that beautiful steering wheel.

This car is the nicest thing I’ve ever owned. The dealership gave us financing for four years so, if I can keep it nice and clean, they said they’ll take it back as a trade in if we want something newer when it’s paid off. With Dayne and Colt on board that might be a difficult mission but I’m willing to try. lol….I think I’ll invest in some seat covers.

That’s one thing down, finally. New car, check! Now I just need a new compressor for my fridge (that we just bought about six months ago!), a new stove (oven no longer works), a new washer/drier (last priority as they both still function as long as you don’t load them too full) and we will be fully functioning again! One day at a time though. Still need to get some money put aside for a mortgage one of these days. 🙂

I feel lucky. Rewarded. I feel like I worked hard and sacrificed a LOT but in the end….worth it!!! I let Dayne drive all weekend so he could enjoy it too but he’s going to be hard pressed to pry my fingers from that steering wheel for a while yet. haha…. (I love my car!) It’s also fun to wake up and realize it wasn’t a dream! That’s a new and entirely welcome feeling for me. Now I can’t wait until I get to go home so I can drive again!


About Grainne

My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

2 responses to “Pack-rat family and what made me smile all weekend long!”

  1. KittyHere says :

    Girl you deserve the cool new wheels. And yes with the guys seat cover and more importantly good floor mats are a must.

    Now as to clutter, we have at least a pick up load of old electronics — if only I could unload them on to Dayne. You would hate me but boy would I be happy.

  2. Dan says :


    Reading this made me smile so much. I’m so glad to hear about the car, and in general to just get to read you writing with such a wonderful, positive tone. I’m so excited for you!

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