We soldier on

This is one day late. New stuff to share later (better news than this!)

Well….it went okay. Colt’s first day back is more successful than failure so we’re holding steady. I did get the call from the school at around 2:30 yesterday. Colt was tired and wanted to go home…apparently he wanted to call and ask me if I would come get him. We chatted for a few minutes and I encouraged him to fight through the last 45 minutes of his day, which he agreed to do.

They are already suggesting that he only do half days this year. … I allowed that to happen when he was in Kindergarten because I figured it would help him adjust….I certainly wouldn’t consider it now. She even said on the phone, directly beforehand, that Colt is not performing anywhere near his capacity and that most of the trouble is in the refusals. Then she thinks cutting his time to half days would help? Help who?! Firstly, Dayne and I both work full time and a round trip drive would take us more than an hour each day since we work in a different city from where we live. Second, we would have to pay someone to watch him and the one sitter we have cannot drive to pick him up because she has several little ones she cares for through the school day when the older ones are at school. Third….just…no!!! Screw you people. It took me years of fighting and meeting and begging and pleading and threatening lawsuits to get an Educational Assistant in to help him for the morning half of each school day and now you’re saying he can’t handle the second half of the day on his own so he should just go home? For real? Gah!! Why is this always such a fucking battle with these people?!?

So. I’m awaiting my second call on day two. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the Principal this time. She is also an advocate for reducing his school days. First, they tried to ignore him and deny him help, then, when Dayne and I wouldn’t shut up they relented and gave him partial help. The they tried (for two years) to fob him off into an ‘asd class’ where they stuff all the autistic kids into little office cubical to do their work for rewards as if they are all trick ponys. I’d not have been shocked to see a training clicker and a bag of gummy bears in one of the teacher’s hands. The kids were like zombies there…no one reacting, no one smiling or laughing. It’s a hell of a tough school (metal detectors at the doors because they have trouble with junior kids bringing weapons to school….9-12 year olds. *Shakes head* They keep the ASD kids fully segregated and it just looked miserable. We went for two tours at the schools they have the programs in but neither Dayne nor I felt it was right. Now, because he hasn’t been transfered over there, they start with the half day bullshit.

Of course, when I tried to have a conversation with Dayne about this he jumped directly into the fire and was ablaze with panic instantly. We argued a bit, I told him I didn’t have the energy to fight along with coping with the rest and we let it go. We’ve not come together on anything yet though….will have to do so in coming weeks. We know we must work as a team to get anything resolved with this school board. It’s appalling.

My head hurts guys. I have a ton of work to do as well…month end/new month beginning is a shitty time for me at work. Tons of audits and payroll investigations…makes me feel weak in the brain when I don’t take a break every few hours. ha. Ah well. Still decent work and I’m happy here.

Well. On with it then. I hope today Colt has a great day and my phone surprises me by not ringing once!



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