My spine hates yoga (taking it one day at a time)

Last night I did my yoga workout for the second day in a row. I’m rather proud of myself (I know, how lame…lol. Two days is a victory for me!). I have done yoga in the past and I wasn’t surprised to find it much, much harder now. The added weight along with the years of not really getting enough exercise have made things difficult but I know it will get better the more I do it. The trouble is that yoga of any type (stretching really) causes my neck to flare up terribly. Two days in and I was a mess last night…burning pain through my neck and shoulders even though I didn’t stretch my neck at all and was very careful with my upper body. I’m modifying the poses to ensure I don’t put much pressure on the really weak parts of my spine. I’m doing a waist/leg focus workout too so it shouldn’t have affected my neck so badly, or at least I didn’t expect it to.

So I didn’t sleep well. I woke with a screaming headache every few moments (it seemed) and it got so bad early this morning I woke seeing double. The other weird symptom was that my thumb was killing me and when I massaged it a bit I realized that it was hyper-extended backwards (the opposite direction to the one that causes pain). That’s a bit weird. Today I’m sore as hell…not in a good way either. My muscles are fine but my bones are not. I’m not sure what to do about that. Muscle relaxers don’t help bones. Narcotics don’t seem to help either….nor does advil, of course. Feels a bit hopeless, this, but I’ll keep at it for a few weeks to see if it dimishes. Not much else I can do. I’m in pain anyway so I might as well get some exercise right? It’s just really hard to do something that is supposed to be good for you when you know it’s going to make your life hell for the next few days. (Hmm maybe I’ll switch to an every other day schedule. Might be less taxing on my bones).

School is getting close to starting again and Colt’s anxiety is up. D and I had a great chat the other day about his anxiety. D was always a “MY son will not be medicated” sort of dad until the last year or so when he was forced to see exactly how much Colt struggles without help in some things. Anxiety is big one and, strangely, he seems to have the same reactions I did as a child. Interesting because I figured my anxiety was caused by the abuse. Strange, seeing yourself in others. I’ve never had the experience prior to Colt coming into my life.

The anxiety in Colt is manifesting as grumpy defiance. He will say “NO” instantly before doing as he is told, even if he has every intention of doing it. He’s pushing and trying to stretch boundaries…normal for this age, I know, but the circles his little mind goes in are making things even more complex to sort through. Poor kid. I wish things could be just a little easier for him, but then, that’s nothing new.

Time for a stretch and a coffee.


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