The Outcome

Good Morning my friends 🙂
Well, the meeting yesterday went quite well.  It seems an interesting job that I’m being offered, working for a whole new department in a more admin support role, which is where I’m educated and trained, along with all my software schooling (office, database software, payroll etc). 
I met with the managers and they were full of smiles.  It’s not a small department by any means but is one that is involved with almost every other department in the hospital…kinda cool, that.  They have additional funding from the Ministry due to the acuity of the patients they treat so it’s nice and secure, as long as people keep getting sick and requiring their services…(what a nice world that would be eh?).  There is payroll entry, financial reconciliation (which I’ve done before in a similar role), a few meetings here and there, an annual retreat to plan…it’s sort of a jack of all trades role.  When the clerk is off the role helps cover the patient areas (fun!) and there is staffing, newsletters….all sorts of different tasks to do.  Honestly, they sounded rather flighty and like the job has been sort of slapped together over the years….this role does all the capital ordering but the soft supplies are ordered by the clerks….the time keeping is done by this role but the managers and clerks time is done by a unit secretary who works off-site…it feels like they assigned tasks as they came up and nothing was really organized.  There’s loads of room for growth and change there…I can help make the tasks streamlined and efficient, one of my specialties.  Lean thinking, thank you exec pod experience. 
Most interesting to me is that the two managers bragged about their low turnover and the fact that they have several staff who have been with the program for over 30 years…apparently folks don’t want to retire there.  They asked where I wanted to end up with my career and I was painfully honest when telling them my stint supporting the top was fun, but not my style.  I had missed the caregivers in this place, the patients and patient care…I said I was looking for a home to work out my last 20 years or so and then both smiled big, friendly, happy smiles. 
The wage turns out to be less than three dollars below my old one and I’ll be eligible for any cost of living increases through the years (we’re frozen there for now and have been for the last four years but when the economy picks up again they will start up) and I get an extra week vacation, plus my pension and benefits will go unchanged.  It’s a pretty sweet deal, all round. 
Talking to D last night, I said that, had I the chance to choose the place I wanted to work most, in the role I wanted to work most, that job would be in the top three.  Not really something I can pass up.  That leaves me having to leave this place where I’m having so much fun, but, the new role doesn’t sound as bad as I had thought it would so…maybe that place will be great too.  I make my final decision tomorrow morning. 

At the end of the meeting I asked them directly if they were interested in me joining their team and they both said yes without a hesitation.  Their current admin is retiring in July and they would like me to start soon so I can get some training in before she goes.  I’ll have to leave that up to them to work out but if I take it, which I think I will, I’ll be ready to go when they are. 

Will write more later but I have to get payroll entered…they surprised me with an early cut off this week!  Oh..but first…this is just a very interesting bit of conversation D and I shared last night:
I don’t believe that “everything happens for a reason”.  I used to, but I don’t anymore.  It’s hard to do so when one bad thing happens after the next in life as too many of you guys know…if the ‘reason’ is simply to make you stronger and more able to withstand the next hit…how dismal and miserable is that?!  Not something that is nice to think about for long.  However.  lol…listen to this: 
I started at the hospital working in Mental Health.  Obviously, I ended up needing some of those services and my internal experience helped immeasurably when the time came.  I went from there to Neurology, during which time, Colt was born.  I needed their services to help diagnose him and get into the therapy programs that helped him, and us, along so much in the early years.  I left there and went to Transplant where I was struck with a terrible kidney infection that nearly killed me.  Right across the hall worked a urologist who helped heal my battered kidney.  I went from there to Medical Affairs where I picked up a huge skill set and although they didn’t really help me in many ways, it’s because of the experience there that I have the job I have now, and am being offered the next one too.  The dept I work in now is orthopedic/trauma.  If I were to ever have spinal surgery it would be here I would recover with these nurses who love me in this role taking care of me as I healed.  The next place?  (This is nearly too much) involves physiotherapy.  ….  wow eh?  lol….D told me I was *never* to take a job in the morgue, pathology, oncology or infectious diseases.  I can’t help but agree.  haha!
Okay.  Time to pay the staff.  Be back later on…have a wonderful morning All!  xox


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My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

5 responses to “The Outcome”

  1. KittyHere says :

    The outline of your jobs and health care needs is a good story. You could publish a book around that theme.

    So happy that the job switch looks better than you anticipated.

  2. rootstoblossom says :

    Sounding good! You sound calm and excited, yay for that! I laughed so hard, but yes, please don’t take a job in the morgue, just in case

    • Grainne says :

      LOL! I know right?! It’s strange, sometimes, how things happen. I’m feeling a lot better about the upcoming changes to my work life too…I hope it works out as well as I’m thinking.

      Thanks for the love!~ xox

  3. Pete says :

    Haha I was just thinking don’t ever work for a funeral agency!! I love ya too much kiddo,
    Love Pete xo

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