Today. *smiles*

Everyone in my life has just pulled together to help me along.  D, whom I thought would take issue with my new hours (7-3…I work 9-5 now so drop off and pick up Colt most days).  To my surprise he readily agreed to start doing the drop off in the morning.  Of course, he was worried about times he’d need to leave early so I sent a text to our (awesome) sitter, Mrs. K, as Colt affectionately calls her.  I asked if she would be willing to take Colt for us, once in a while at 630 am on the off-chance D can’t drop him off and she agreed right away.  I thanked her so much…really showed her how much we appreciate her and everything her family does for us and for Colt.  She responded with:

“Well, I’ve had a lot of love and support in my life so I’m glad to pass it on to those who need some.”

We definitely fit into that category.  She’s am amazing blessing in Colt’s life.  They are like a second family to him…he walks in without knocking each day, tosses his crap on the floor and wanders into the kitchen to see what they’re eating for breakfast.

“Hey guys…” he’ll smile while they all wish him a good morning.

I love these people.  The eldest son took Colt under his wing when he first started school and the middle child, that angel of a little girl who has been like a second mother to him since kindergarten (she always dressed him for the snow and zipped him up at recess for us.  The youngest is his pal and they play well together.  He’s a bit behind in social interactions and is a few years younger than Colt so they do really well, bouncing off each other.  The father is also caring and adores the kids…all of them.  It’s not uncommon to arrive for pick up to find him with children hanging off him everywhere.  He would have had 20 kids if they could have afforded it.  I am truly thankful for these people in my, and my family’s life.

I got all my questions answered about my new job. It is union, my benefits are carried (whew, drug plan is still with me.  I can exhale now and actually start taking all my meds again) and my pension is also continued.  I’m really excited.  I’ve already been welcomed by a few staff (wow!!) and I just cannot wait to get the hell out of this crap department.

There are bigger rumblings at work about many more layoffs coming.  The budget is terrifying for the next several years (we’ve known this was coming all along) but now the deficit is in the millions and heads are starting to roll.  The Execs I used to support are being looked at next for money-saving measures.  I can’t say much because I’m bound by confidentiality but I’m starting to think I slid out of the admin pool just in the knick of time.  There are about to be more people like me out there clamoring for work.  I’m even more happy with my new role now and it’s very handy union benefits.  What do you know?  Maybe sometimes things DO happen for a reason.  Good reason.  (All kinda new to me!)

So yeah, everything is quietly falling into place.  The pain is bad but I’ve been doing well working around it.  I think with my new job I’ll be moving so much more it will likely help keep me more loose.  Mind you, it’s going to be a bitch for the first week or so…I’m ready for it though.  Ready for a new challenge and a new adventure.  No more squashing myself into a mould I’ve never fit.  Sounds amazing, right about now.

Oh, and my little love was SO excited when I told him I got the job!  Of course, we didn’t share the worries and financial stuff with Colt but I try to keep him feeling in the loop so we talked about interviews and my hopes to be hired.  His dad just got a new job so he had just been through all the good stuff.  When I told him they offered it to me he threw his arms in the air and burst into smiles, throwing his arms around me.

“Congratulations Mom!  I’m so proud of you!”  He cheered.

Yeah.  Just doesn’t get much better than that does it?  First thing this morning he asked me if I was excited to start my new job.  What a sweetheart I have, you know?  We go through family things together, the three of us, and it makes us stronger than we were every single time.

Happy day for Grainne.  The pain is with me but she can stay back in the background today.  I’m feeling to happy to be bothered with her.  🙂


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About Grainne

My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

4 responses to “Today. *smiles*”

  1. Mental Mama says :

    You are LONG overdue for some good things!

  2. KittyHere says :

    Looking forward to seeing what you will have to say after your first day at the new job. So happy that the puzzle pieces are all starting to fit together.

  3. paindepression says :

    I’m so very happy for you and yes things do happen for a reason. One door closes so another, better, door can open! What a sweetheart Colt is!

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