Two hour interview and a reference letter that made me cry

Well holy smokes did those folks ever like me!  I just had a two hour interview with the coordinator and clerk for the unit I applied to work staffing on.  It’s one of the lowest paid jobs in this organization and a sizeable cut for me, but I was thinking…If I can come up with a way to make an extra few hundred every two weeks I’d be in really good shape.  Maybe a retail job on weekends…that would do it.  Hrm.  Will have to think more on that.  When my body gives up after all this stress blows over I wonder if I’ll even be able to stand, let alone work two jobs.

So, the really liked me.  The interview was easy, smooth, the liked my answers and asked for my references.  One of the docs I was just supporting, a vice chair, sent me by email a reference letter that blew my socks off.  It’s two pages of nothing but complimentary assessments of my work abilities and it makes me sound incredible.  I was in tears, reading it…I wish I could go give that man a huge hug.  He is the only one of all I worked with who actually has a heart and voices concern for his PATIENTS not just his paycheque.  Wow.  I might even post some of it …lol.  What a wonderful help that was to my confidence, again.

Why is it that things turn so quickly from bad to good?  It makes me feel silly for worrying so much…that said, I don’t have a job offer yet.

So yeah…at the end there was testing.  I took my time.  Scored over 70 wpm typing, got 88% and 80% on the software tests.  I thought I’d do better but they were freaking tricky!  I’m happy with the outcome.  I think they’ll offer me this one.  There are pros and cons.

Pro:  It’s a union position so I’d not only get to join the union, I’d be able to apply for union jobs which doubles the market for me here.

Con: It’s realllly shit money.

Pro:  I will retain my benefits and pension.

Con:  I lose paid vacation until I find a permanent full-time, as this one is temp.

Pro:  It goes until August so it would give me more time, at least.

Con:  I can’t think of anything else.

Pro:  Awesome hours (7-3) which means I could pick Colt up every night and D could drop off every morning.

Pro:  They were really, really, really nice and helpful. Seemed to love their jobs.

Pro:  The manager is quite new and I know I’ll impress her like crazy with my experience.

Pro:  It’s easy work.

Pro:  It will turn into a permanent job eventually.

Pro:  It’s working on a busy, critical floor.

Pro:  I love working with patients and I’ll get to see them a lot

Pro:  It’s a huge staff (over 100 on the unit) so there will always be tons to do

The money is such a CON though.  D’s stuck on that for now.  We shall have to talk about it some over the weekend.  The salary is important whether I like it or not and I can get quite a bit more if I find a doc who will hire me to run his office.  Plus, there is an opportunity HR is tracking for me.  They are waiting to see if someone takes an offered job and if they do, they think it’s a perfect job for me and my skill set.  It’s in the range of my current salary (as is the one I applied for yesterday).  Such a hard decision.  I hope I have several offers to pick from in the end but wow…did that interview ever make me want to get back into the main campus and out of  this haunted sauna of a building.

So yeah…happiness continues.  I’m so thankful for that letter of reference.  I think I’ll poke a few more docs and see if they’ll give me a few more.  🙂



About Grainne

My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

10 responses to “Two hour interview and a reference letter that made me cry”

  1. Mental Mama says :

    Really glad to hear it went so well!!! My advice – do what you love, the money will (eventually) follow.

  2. KittyHere says :

    Happiness does mean a lot. Because you do not have family or social friends ( I think I am correct there) I would put having work friends on a pro list. Yep you need every cent but you better figure in looking forward to your work day. So thrilled your prospects are improving.

  3. littlegirlintherain says :

    MentalMama had such a good piece of advice! I do think that as well, but … money is important! But congrats for the successful interview!!!

  4. Sian says :

    Yay, happy for you that it went so well!

    • Grainne says :

      Aww thanks so much. I really needed something to go well to boost my spirits. 🙂 Hope your weekend is good and the pain is receding some. xx

  5. Pete says :

    Great sweetheart,

    Most important you take care of yourself, because you would know (like me) that off meds I would not have a life! That comes first for both of us and I’m pleased to know it went well.
    I’m only an e-mail away if you need me!

    Pete xo

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