Couldn’t be More Monday

Alright then.  I’ve had enough of all this.  I slept almost all of yesterday and all of last night and yet it’s just past 10 am and I’m seeing double and having a hard time drawing a breath with cringing in pain.  I am reluctant to move my shoulders at all and my arms remain clamped to my sides in an attempt to restrict movement.

I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat so now I’m being attacked by that too…my eyelids have swollen up and are a lovely chapped red colour…hurts when I blink.  I have no freaking idea what’s up with that one.  Feels like allergies aside from the sore throat and there is congestion and a cough that comes and goes.  Another fun-filled week ahead!  lol

I managed to sleep almost the entire weekend.  We slept past noon (all three of us) on both days of the weekend and I was out before dinner time both nights, which would lead one to assume I had managed to get enough rest. Unfortunately, my sleep-a-thon did little good…maybe my body was using all its energy on killing the virus rather than healing my body (or whatever it does with me while I’m asleep).

No news on that job I was supposed to hear back from on Friday.  No news, in this case, is not good news, I suspect.  What will be, will be though right?  *sigh*  I think I’m up for one more interview next week if the gal calls me back.  I’m getting calls from that private hire doc too but that one is without benefits.  Won’t work so well for me.  I’m all for taking a giant pay cut but I’m not willing to go without medication.  I’d just end up putting myself back years…hell, may even shorted my life span.  For some insane reason, I’d still like to stick around as long as I can.  For Colt if nothing else.

The sun is out today, finally, and I’ve got my window cracked open so I can hear the birds in the courtyard.  They seem to love to fly into the centre of the buildings and sing so they can hear their echo come back to them.  It must be cool to suddenly find your tiny bird voice amplified and echoing.  lol…It looks so much like they just do it for fun.  Makes me happy.  I’ll miss that little courtyard when I leave here.  Not much else, but there for sure.

Ah well.  Monday.  I’m so tired and all I want is my bed.  Can’t wait for home time so I can go back to sleep.

Tomorrow I have to remember to bring my medical files in.  It is probably just the stress with the job that’s causing things to be so bad physically plus the drop in immunity which leads to me having to fight this cold but every time things change, I worry a bit.  I also kind of hope that *this* new symptom will suddenly make a light go off in my GP’s head and she’ll say “Oh Grainne!  I can’t believe we didn’t think of this before!”  and then the world will make sense again.  Ha.  I know.  But you’ve gotta hope, if nothing else.

Sooo yeah.  It’s Monday, I’m in enormous pain, my stomach is a churning pit of lava I’m so tired I’m seeing double and I think I just got my period.  It’s a hell of a way to start the week.

This is such a shitty way to live life.




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About Grainne

My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

8 responses to “Couldn’t be More Monday”

  1. KittyHere says :

    Thanks for posting even if everything is miserable. Birds singing n the courtyard — good for you finding something that you will miss.

    • Grainne says :

      I love the birds out there. When I lived in town we had a backyard that backed onto the river so the wild life was everywhere! There were turtles who would make the trek all the way through the yard just to eat my koi fish that I kept stocking my pond with. I gave up eventually and started buying commercial turtle food. By the time we moved I had made several little friends.

      The point of this is the mourning doves. There was a family of them living in our trees out back and they used to wake me up so sweetly in the morning. Such beautiful, sophisticated voices, they have.

      Thanks for coming by Kitty. Much love to you xox

  2. Mental Mama says :

    Sounds like life is attacking you right now. 😦 I hope you start feeling better soon and that things on the job front start to look up.

    • Grainne says :

      Thank you and it feels that way too! I am seriously beginning to consider this punishment of some sort. The only good part about feeling so super shitty is that by comparison, the rest doesn’t seem so bad.

      45 min left and then I can aim for my couch and focus on sleep and won’t have to sit here experiencing it any longer. 😉 xx

      • Pete says :

        Hey I wondered where my I sore throat came from that I too woke up with on Saturday morning. I’d show you a photo of the back of my throat to prove it but that would be just weird and gross.

        I have glands up in my neck, am croaky and husky when I talk… so now I’m being attacked by that too! This darn twin stuff sometimes makes the world a crazier place but having you as a best buddy makes things so much nicer 🙂

        Day after day I fight through my nerve pain, exhaustion and weird symptoms. I gave up on the thought that one day a Dr would say YES I’ve found what’s wrong, and discover a key to it all some years back 😦

        I’m not religious in the conventional way but I remember a counsellor telling me I sounded like Jobe from the Bible, being punished constantly!

        Hey one good thing though: I bought some pure Aloe Vera juice 3 weeks ago and it has been improving my energy which has surprised me because I don’t expect anything to work, yeah, yeah glass half empty kinda guy huh?
        Oh and I read that asparagus (which I love anyway) traces through the body and removes toxins and is REALLY good for the urinary system. It smells bad coming out (of said urinary system because of the toxins it pulls). Just plain asparagus just cooked a tiny bit to make it hot but still retain it’s strength.

        Hope this all helps…love you so,

        Pete xo

      • Grainne says :

        I drink aloe all the time and love it. It’s the one thing my stomach accepts without complaint. I eat quite a bit of asparagus when it’s in season, which I guess it would be for you right now? I find the store bought stuff kind of chewy and bland but it’s good chopped up in soup as well.

        Great. Now I’m starving. lol. xx

  3. Sian says :

    Thinking of you!x

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