Long Weekend – Sleep and Bra Shopping

I gave myself an extra long weekend that just passed by and I feel like I had a shortened one thanks to my body and it’s ever pressing need for sleep.

Friday I spent on my own through the day and I did fine.  D surprised me with an amber pendant (amber is said to be good for absorbing negative energy and a rheumatology student I know told me that it has healing properties regarding chronic pain so, figuring it couldn’t hurt, I’ve been collecting small amber pieces since then.  I have two silver rings, one necklace and two sets of earrings that I alternate.

When I woke on Friday I stretched and reached for the bottle of water I keep beside me at night (I sweat so much I wake up dying of thirst all the time.  Balanced there was a silver box wrapped with a bow and a little note from D wishing me a Happy Valentines Day.  😀  It was a sweet gesture that he usually skips…we’ve never exchanged gifts on small (money making) holidays like Valentines.  Inside was a beautiful silver chain with a large golden amber pendant with a silver twisty bars holding it into its setting.  Very pretty indeed.  I smiled and texted him an enthusiastic thank you.  When I put it on I felt a loft in my energy and I just felt…loved.  It made my morning rather spectacular that day.

The rest of the day was uneventful.  I recorded a few dreams from the night before, took a long shower, did myself up in some carefully applied make up and listened to music most of the day.  I popped over to the Dollar Store to get Colt a few little surprises for Valentines Day.  He was delighted and made happy noises over the little toys and chocolates and told me I was the best mom in the world.  (haha…so easy to score that title with him!)

Saturday was spent running around doing all the chores and shopping.

Sunday was lovely although I woke in agony (it got coooooold here again, then warmed, then cooled again).  I tried to get the laundry done (sort of almost managed it) but I was out cold by 4:30 pm or so.  I think I woke up to eat dinner (remembering really yummy curried chicken) and then slept again until the following day at noon.

I got up then but I didn’t really do much.  Had a cup of coffee…negotiated with Colt as to what our day would look like.  In the end he just wanted to stay in and play with his toys and I jumped at that option.  I lay back down on my comfy couch and *blink*  It was midnight and Colt was in bed, D snoring softly beside me on the other couch.  I fell back asleep, as I always do, after having some water and a few meds and slept again until this morning when the alarm went off.

So all told, I slept a total of 62.5 hours over four days.  I’m happy to report that I’m not tired…ha.  That means nothing though as I could sleep another 60 hours without stopping, if I had a quiet place to lie down.

On a slightly less exhausted note; I did manage to get bra shopping in while out running errands on Saturday.  I’ve likely mentioned it several times now (lol) but I’ve finally come upon a positive medication side effect!!!  I had no boobs to start with (seriously, nada, zilch, zero) mostly due to the fact that I was once a stick person who had no curves at all.  Over the last five years I’ve gained a lot of weight (maxing out at 150 lbs just now so still *just* under control) and some of that weight has been happily deposited into my breasts!  I went from an A cup (the last one I bought even said “almost A” on the tag! lol) to a nice full B in short order after starting meds.  I was delighted, to say the least.  As my weight has gone up and down over the last while, by chest did the same and I found I needed a couple of bras in different sizes if I wanted to be comfortable all day  at work.  This arrangement worked very well until I started the birth control pill four months back.

The pill helped me gain a little more weight right away but that soon came off and I appeared to be having minimal side effects from it.  Now, if you now me, you know I hardly ever get away without suffering some side effect or another regardless of the medication I am ingesting.  Still, I checked my weight every morning and was surprised to see it holding…not really going down much.  Then it struck me one morning as I was trying to stuff my boobs into a bra that was obviously not the right size.  lolol..by the time I was finished it looked like I had four boobs with two little extras sticking out the sides.  D walked into the room at that moment and stopped dead.

“Woah.  Did they grow again?”  he asked with a grin.

Apparently so.

We went to Walmart rather than a lingerie store so I could get the sizing down right before spending the money on a good bra (no sense in spending all that cash to only be able to wear the damn thing a few times before it was the wrong size anyway).  I found a nice comfy gray bra that looks like a sports bra (racer back) in a C cup that looked too big for me and bought it.  I’ve worn it for two days and I’m already spilling over the sides.  I think I need a D cup.  (Whaaaaa?)  I went from “Almost A” to “D” in a few short years.  I suppose I always had the potential for D cups…just didn’t gain any weight until my 30’s.  Lol…it’s crazy though.  I tried on several band sizes when I bought the C (the measurement around, not the actual cup size for my male readers) so I know it’s not a matter of going up to a 38…  (YAY!  Finally!  A decent side effect for me!)

Ok ok…enough about my boobs.  I’m just hanging onto any silver lining I can reach today.

Despite the rest, I’m feeling in decent spirits, I think.  I’m anxious as ever to find a new job but the posting board is slim pickings right now.  I’m in a lot of pain today, although my words may not show it.  I’m trying to pretend it isn’t there…or rather, that it is there and it’s not bothering me.  It is bothering me, though.

D did help me out a LOT this weekend while I napped.  He massaged my shoulders and back until my muscles let go a little (this was on Saturday night) and then rubbed my legs and feet to get the blood flowing.  My feet get burning hot at night and I can’t stand it…have gone out into the snow many times in bare feet in the middle of the night, just to cool them off.  D’s foot rub forced the blood to flow and it was magical.  After, he put two ice packs under my calves and I fell asleep.

Another time, not sure of the day, he woke me massaging my temples and jaw.  He said I was locked up by tension and he could see my heartbeat in my temple before he even touched it.  Amazingly, there is a TON of tension that can be stored in the head.  My skull hurt…he rubbed his fingers across my skull, pulling the skin and moving … something around.  It hurt so much I was crying and flinching but he held my head and forced it through.  My temples, forehead, jaw, cheeks, skull/scalp, sinuses…it was insane, the pain it caused.

When he was done my entire body relaxed and I was out in moments.  Strangest relief that…I often feel pain in my face but I always assumed it was deferred from another location (i.e. joint pain in my jaw).  So yeah, the massage helped a heck of a lot.  Now if I can just bribe him to do that every few days I’d be in much better shape.  Will have to come up with a reward for him so he doesn’t feel taken advantage of.

Anyway.  That was my weekend.  A few nice massages, a lovely surprise present, some really yummy food and a ton of sleep.  It could have been so much worse.  I just wish this pain would settle down today though…it’s making it hard to stay afloat.


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My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

5 responses to “Long Weekend – Sleep and Bra Shopping”

  1. Mental Mama says :

    Sounds like a pretty good weekend indeed. 🙂

  2. paindepression says :

    Woo hoo, I need some of that extra weight in use boob area too….. LoL!
    Glad you had a pretty decent weekend and that you were able to get some refreshing sleep. Hang in there……

    • Grainne says :

      *hugs* Oops sorry, giant boobs got in the way there. hahaha. I didn’t even have boobs when I was breastfeeding. It’s about time something went my way. 🙂

  3. awomaninpain says :

    D sounds like a good man! And massages and surprise gifts always lifts any girls spirits…you could bribe him with some D cup sexy lingerie hee hee wink wink xx

    • Grainne says :

      Heehee! That’s a great idea. He is a good man. He has his faults just like the rest of the world but he loved me and Colt with everything he has, which makes him perfect in my eyes. (hugs)

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