Friday – *blinks* – (FYI Post ends with a miracle)

OOkay then.  I left work a bit early yesterday so I was sure to be able to drive through my headache and tried to disconnect from it…it was so sore.  These headaches make my eyes water and, not long after, make me throw up continuously which adds to the tension which makes the pain worse which makes me get sick again….never ending battle, it seems.  I needed to get home fast to take a combo of pain meds, muscle relaxers and get some ice on my neck to bring down the …swelling?  I guess it is…  Anyway.  I had to pull over a few times but I was careful and made it home within 30 min, Colt picked up and all.

When I walked in the door I took off my outside stuff and hit the couch, ice pack on my neck, heating blanket full force, still in my work clothes.  I managed to stay awake until D came home (not long after) and as soon as I got it out that I was in a lot of pain, I passed out cold.  He woke me around 2am to come to bed (after falling asleep with Colt in his bed) and I was okay to move by that point.  I crawled into bed and D appeared with a bowl of plain rice (with a bit of tarragon and saffron which is said to help with inflammation) and a bottle of water.  Told me to eat…and I did.  I slept again and didn’t wake until this morning.

I’m still really sore today in strange places.  My head still hurts, neck, shoulders, arms, chest are killing me too.  I feel like I’ve been half run over by a truck.  I suspect the massive change in temperature is to blame but I’m still glad for it.  -40 was too damn cold.  Today I woke to -2 with a lovely little snow shower going on…felt so warm in comparison.  I’m eating a steady stream of pain killers and have upped my muscle relaxers a bit but I have to be careful with those….they tend to knock me out and that’s not a great idea while at work.  lol…so sad eh?  Ah well.  Could be worse.

On that note, I’d like to share a little story.  A friend of mine in the US has a very sick little boy Colt’s age.  He’s suffered several strokes and brain bleeds in his short life and although he’s never really been well, he has the most amazing attitude I think I’ve ever seen.  Daniel suffered another stroke early this week and the docs told his mom that this one was probably it.  Quality of life would only go down from here and the poor kid was already severely disabled in movement.  He was just able to grasp food with his whole hand and bring it to his mouth before the last stroke hit.  Now, he is motionless.  His mom rushed to his side as the docs suggested she pull the plug on life support.  She doesn’t want Daniel to suffer one bit longer..especially if things were only going to be worse for him.  She signed the order to remove life support and crawled into bed with her boy, wrapped him in arms and held him tight, whispering words of love.  They lay like that for several hours and she eventually drifted off to sleep.  She woke with a start some time later and panicked, calling out Daniels name…thinking he was gone.  To her amazement the most wonderful sound filled her ears.

“Mom!  Jeez…stop yelling in my ear!”

She said she squeezed him so hard she might have broken his neck and then leapt to her feet to get the doctors and nurses!  He made it…again!!  I cried so hard when I read that text guys….he is the most amazing little boy I’ve ever known.

Daniel can move a little but has zero control over his body.  He cannot control his bowels or bladder and has just had a GI tube inserted so he can eat.  He will be in hospital for a long time yet, but he’s alive….and we’re all amazed and so, so thankful.

His mom texted me again later that week to show me a pic of him being moved out of the ICU and into a general ward bed.  The male attendant who came to move him to his new room was very kind and gave him a little forewarning about his new roomie.  The other boy had been in a bad accident which had left him badly disfigured and I guess they didn’t want to scare Daniel.

“TJ is going to be your roommate for a while Daniel.  He might look a bit scary because he’s been in a bad accident but he’s really just a boy your age…maybe you two will become friends!”

Daniel said “Scary looking?  Sir…did you happen to look on the inside?”

Holy shit right?  The world needs more of Daniel’s kind.  I’m so pleased for him and his lovely, strong mother who fights by his side every day.  She’s been a single mom since the beginning and has loved her boy with everything in her.  It shows in his strength, clear as day.

So.  There we go.  I might have pain to cope with but I am so damn glad it’s me and not Colt who has to suffer.  He has so much on his own plate with the autism, but he’s not in constant pain nor does he have to fight for his life.  I’m more thankful than ever, today.

So, my friends, please send out some good, healing vibes to my little friend Daniel.  He needs all the love he can get…deserves it too.  Some days, even though it seems really hard to cope, miracles happen.  🙂  I’m going to hold onto that one today.

Have a great Friday everyone.  xox


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About Grainne

My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

6 responses to “Friday – *blinks* – (FYI Post ends with a miracle)”

  1. Mental Mama says :

    Nothing like having it all gently put into perspective. Thank you for sharing Daniel’s story. I wish him and his mom well. 🙂

    And I’m glad to hear that D took care of you last night. Knowing you have someone to lean on like that must feel wonderful.

    • Grainne says :

      Does it ever feel wonderful! Things have not been good these last few years but suddenly everything seems to be changing for the better…best. 🙂

      • Mental Mama says :

        It’s awesome and I’m really happy for you both. I’d like to figure out what size baseball bat I need to smack Josh with to get him to have that kind of change of heart. 😉

      • Grainne says :

        lol!! I hear ya. Remember, D was a bit of a dick for the first 10 years or so. I guess people just suddenly grow up. It’s gotta happen some time!

  2. ~meredith says :

    Through the insights of chidren… redemption. What a beautiful, inspiring share, Grainne. It certainly puts life in perspective, doesn’t it? (this is a three-boxer, as my best friend often says of things that evoke a need for Kleenex). Thank you for the Friday glow . xx Meredith

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