Happy Post!!! Happy Post!!!

Omgomgomg….I just had the best experience!  I know part of this high is only because I have such a hard time defining myself without other’s opinions but I don’t care…I feel awesome.

This year is my tenth with the company I work for.  They have a little celebration for all the employees who have reached long service dates…a lovey dinner and ceremony; it’s quite the big deal.  They interview one person from each year marker and I was selected to speak for the 10 year group.  They gave me four questions to answer in an interview style video…It went so well!!  SO well!  I had my answers ready, didn’t take my meds so I wasn’t a blithering idiot (taking now im in so much pain….)

They loved me.  They told me that my answers were direct, powerful and impactful.  I even got a little “aww” when I mentioned Colt….I said that being the mother of an autistic child gave me first hand knowledge that the smallest bit of compassion can really change someone’s whole story.  It’s so true…we would have never gotten as far as we have without the kindness and compassion of the medical teams who have seen him.

I dyed my hair last night and did my nails to match my amber rings.  I wore my hair down and messy (as usual) and wore my red glasses.  I felt good…felt pretty.  I was clear, spoke slowly and smiled on cue.  GOD it was so much fun.

When I left I was standing the hallway fishing for my keys and overheard the conversation in the room.  They could not say enough about me.  The first thing I heard was “WOW was she ever good!”  and “I hope all of our interviews are like her!”  Wow it was….just amazing.

I thought I’d share that with you guys.  I rarely write about the good things.  I can’t wait for the actual ceremony.  The outtake video is going to be great.  lol…I think I snorted when I laughed … I made one mistake at the end and had to retake it.  They were all giggling…just. So. Much. Fun.

Loved it.  Happy Friday all.  xo


About Grainne

My name is Grainne. This blog has been with me for years now and has served as a journal, a confessional, an outlet and a place for me to create and express my love of life. Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a part of this life long journey of mine. I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to do so. :)

12 responses to “Happy Post!!! Happy Post!!!”

  1. worstcasescenariogirl says :

    This makes me smile 🙂

  2. Mental Mama says :

    YAY!!! So glad to hear that it went well and that it’s left you with a wonderful feeling. We all deserve a little of that every day. 🙂

    • Grainne says :

      Thanks Mama! It was really fun and I feel so good about the job I did. xo Seems that work is going well all over the place! Hope you have a good weekend. Is it Josh’s weekend to see his daughter?

      • Mental Mama says :

        No, thank god. We’re supposed to go to my sister’s house tomorrow to carve pumpkins with my nieces. That’s more than enough excitement for me when added to all the housework and homework.

      • Grainne says :

        Agreed! You have to take it easy with that chest infection and all. It’ll be fun carving pumpkins. We’re doing that tomorrow too. Colt has always been afraid of them until this year…suddenly he wants to carve one. Should be fun…will probably lose interest before we even start. lol

      • Mental Mama says :

        Would he maybe be happier painting one? I know sometimes tactile stuff sets off kids, and there’s nothing nastier than pumpkin guts. With as shaky as I am anymore I’m really pretty much only good for the cleaning out part – if I tried to carve one it’d look like the Joker.

  3. idenagroban says :

    So happy for you!

  4. Tilda says :

    Thanks for sharing this Grainne. I’m so glad you’ve had such a happy experience, sounds like you did really well. And I love what you said about compassion.

  5. Pete says :

    My darling twin,

    Been wishing you good vibes and so glad you had such amazing success. Good on you! It’s also been a funny thing with me (being shy and in pain etc) that I too can come out and give a ripper speech. I’d love to see film of yours it sounded so fxcking fantastic and I’m so proud of you as a gorgeous talented friend who has such spunk and raw guts to do something like this…these are THE moments that we live for!
    Did D watch the speech, if I were him I would have probably shed some tears knowing all you’ve been through. Just good on you, wonderful news. Feeling better this side of the world too 🙂

    Pete xo

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